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Rather than a reductive inquiry into the essential characteristics of his work, Wouter van der Laan (Huizen, NL, 1993) is interested in its multiplicity, celebrating confusion, doubt, and entanglement as generative forces.


His practice moves nomadically through different environments, where it finds moments of connection, enrichment, and hybridization. What is brought along is reiterated, reflected on, and reorganized in relation to what is encounter on its way. I.e. in the installation series ‘Nest’, for which he moved his entire studio content to various locations where everything was site-responsively reorganized. 

This work has since provided the material for new work: Discarded paintings were recycled as threads for knitting; wooden beams were turned into man-sized knitting needles. A knitting club was set up, where Individual making met with social exchange. 


Every iteration of the work carries the traces of earlier states and situations, either through documentation or through the visible marks and scars of its past. It functions as an organically growing archive and travelogue that lives, morphs and connects through various times and situations, provoking a state of continuous becoming. In the process of creating, all works become provisional structures that generate new elements for future work.​

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